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Classy Cleans delivers exceptional Housekeeping & Vacation Home Management! And Local Guest Assistance!

North Carolina Vacation Property Management & Cleaning Service

Is your rental property becoming too much to manage? We can help!

Classy Cleans is your partner for successfully managing properties and delivering a 5-Star experience.

Get better reviews and never worry about your rental property again!

""I stay at airbnbs all the time, and this was by far, the cleanest place I've been to!""

Gary C.

Classy Cleans Housekeeping

Dusty surfaces, water stained faucets, unorganized cupboards, and hair in the drain, ugh! We know! It’s all about ratings and reviews! So Relax! Let us do the work and the worry! Nothing speaks louder or gives you peace of mind than a squeaky clean home…every…single…time!

See the Classy Cleans difference:

We have trained, dependable, and on time housekeepers who know the job, and understand what's expected. We value our team and pay them well!

We respond immediately when receiving texts or calls from clients or guests. We work to take care of any questions or issues promptly.

Reviews and ratings are EVERYTHING! We know! Keep high ratings by allowing us to provide a stellar experience for every guest.


Vacation Home Managment

Home Management

Manages Home Maintanence & Housekeeping

  • Schedules: Housekeeping Teams
  • Schedules: Trash Removal
  • Schedules: Hot Tub Maintenance
  • Schedules: Pool Maintenance
  • Schedules: Handyman Repairs
  • On Call: Local house manager for guest's emergencies or assistance
  • Airport Rides: Rides to the Asheville airport are available for guests (up to 4 people)

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  • Maggie Valley
  • Asheville area
  • Haywood County

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